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AMC (All-round Media Center) platform is SOUNDAWARE's revolutionary product for High Definition & High Resolution music playback. SOUNDAWARE envisioned the AMC platform will be the focus of Computer Audiophile System (CAS) for the next several decades to come.


The computer based product is easily accessible and more convenient for music playback. However, there are huge challenges for high-fidelity music playback on the consumer grade computer platforms. EMI/EMF, switching noise, fan-noise, just to name a few. 

Reference-level sound quality products are SOUNDAWARE's dreams. In order to pursue this realization, SOUNDAWARE have obtained the official development rights of Intel motherboards and carried out the development of HIFI motherboards (optimise for audio) for a duration of three(3) years. The first ever launched AMC MR2 in 2020, is a SOUNDAWARE self-developed X86 motherboards, that mark the milestone and debut of the AMC platform.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of SOUNDAWARE, SOUNDAWARE released the AMC D1. It is truly a dream come true.


The AMC D1 is extremely versatile, user-friendly, and to achieve the Reference-level sound quality playback. It supports wide range of music software/app. Whether it is MTV, DVD-audio, Blu-ray music, or Youtube live music video, TIDAL, Spotify, QQ music, roon core, Jriver playback, DSD512/PCM768 music, etc.


It is powerful yet extremely easy to use. It inherited the experience of SOUNDAWARE's independent research and development of Intel motherboards. The luxurious built-quality, and it the reference level sound quality, is what the AMC D1 can achieve.